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Anti - Bullying Policy

While the majority of students at Crookwell High School treat one another with respect, occasionally there are incidents at school where students feel unhappy in their relationships. At our school, all students and staff have the right to learn and work in a safe environment.  This school believes that bullying is an unacceptable behaviour that is not to be tolerated.  It is the responsibility of the whole school community to ensure that bullying, including harassment and discrimination, does not occur.

What is Bullying?

Bullying can be many different things.  It can be verbal, hitting, pushing, kicking or anything that causes harm to anybody else.  It is a persistent behaviour that is unwanted and repeated against a person or other persons.

Strategies to Assist Students in Coping with Bullying

The following strategies are recommended to assist students in managing situations when they feel concerned about possible bullying:

  1. Use protective actions: stay in groups in the playground and stay in sight of an adult.
  2. Never allow yourself to be drawn into harassing others as this could lead to retaliation against you.
  3. Never pass on gossip as this can be hurtful to others and make them angry with you.
  4. Resolve conflict with calm words and try for a win / win outcome.  Leadership involves compromise.
  5. Be a positive bystander i.e. verbally and non-verbally discourage others involved in bullying and harassment.
  6. Offer support for the victim and actively encourage the victim to seek support from appropriate staff.
  7. Talk to your parents / carers about what is happening to you.

Steps in the School's Anti-bullying Plan

  • Step 1: All students should ensure that they have clearly said "NO" to whatever form of bullying or harassment they have encountered
  • Step 2: Students complete a written report of the incident and the matter is investigated. A staff member addresses all students involved in the incident detailing each student's responsibilities under the school's Anti-bullying Policy. Interviews will take place – a resolution will be sought
  • Step 4: A staff member will implement mediation strategies if all students are willing to participate in the mediation.
  • Step 3: Confirmed incidents will be recorded on the database (RISC) in the bullying register.
  • Step 4: Parents of students who continue to offend will be notified and the student will be subject to the normal discipline procedures outlined in the school discipline policy.
  • Step 5: Counselling will be made available to both the harasser and the victim.
  • Step 6: If the incident remains unresolved after mediation, or it is very serious, the matter is referred to the Deputy Principal and/or the Principal for action.
  • Step 7: The incident proceeds within the confines of the School Discipline System. Discussion may occur with families and/or the Police School Liaison Officer. A suspension  from school may be an option should there be no resolution of the complains.
  • Step 8: The Principal will determine the response to any act of violence in accordance with DET Suspension and Expulsion Policy. Such behaviours must be reported.

Better Bystander Behaviour

At Crookwell High School we encourage students to take responsibility for finding solutions to bullying issues. We want students to be a better bystander by:

  • Being a part of the solution, not part of the problem;
  • Not joining in the bullying;
  • Showing the bully you disapprove;
  • Speaking up for the person being targeted;
  • Offering support to the person being targeted; and
  • Seeking adult help if nothing is working.

‘Hands Off'

Often physical interactions which start off as a "bit of fun" escalate into a real problem. It is not "fun" if you are always on the receiving end.

Where such behaviour is concerned, we need clear and firm guidelines to ensure a safe and happy environment. To this end the school has a ‘hands off' policy.